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Written by Meliz Houssein

Directed by Meliz Houssein

Production Company: Eldub Films


Traces, starring Yvette Boakye and Freddy Guy Sawyer, leads the audience through the dynamic relationship of a women and her lover as they embark upon a physical and psychological journey. Whilst their passionate chemistry is palpable, tensions arise through a conflict of interest. When Eloise receives an unexpected phone call, it propels her into motion. Expecting Freddie to accompany her, he begrudging agrees, but has a few ideas for some stops along the way. The two intimately navigate through London to a few familiar spots, but when Freddie leads them to an art gallery exhibiting Eloise’s photographs, things turn sour between the two. Eloise’s struggle between her undeniable infatuation and irrevocable irritation for Freddie, force her to confront her conflicted state of mind, and be honest not only with herself, but Freddie too.

The Story 

Loss is a complex and multi-layered emotion that is not easily defined. Traces explores the complexities of this all consuming emotion. Written during the pandemic, in a time where loss was so greatly widespread, whether it be the loss of loved ones, the loss of exploration, the loss of touch or intimacy, there was no better time to explore the damaging toll this emotion can have on an individual’s mental state. Having experienced a great loss of her own, the director's intention was to show and raise awareness of the longer term effects this emotion can have upon the mind. There is a fine line between love preservation and self destruction. Yet even in the darkest of mindsets there is the ability to adapt, push through these deep-rooted emotional attachments and move forward into an unfamiliar yet therapeutic state of mind. The film was shot over 3 days on location in London in February 2022 and began it's festival journey in February 2023.

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