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(Currently in Post-Production)


Written by Jenna-Louise Hawkins

Directed by Nanni Mann

Production Company: Eldub Films



A story about becoming your own best friend and finding courage in even the seemingly darkest of places. A 12 year old introvert living in a boarding school conjures up an imaginary friend when her bullies push her too far.

12-year-old Charlie enjoys a few brief moments of solitude from the cacophony of the boarding house in which she lives. She is found and then hauled back to the dormitory, where she endures the merciless teasing of bullies. During the night, she is haunted by the vision of a dark shadow lingering by the dormitory door. Enduring further jibes from her bullies, Charlie draws the figure of a boy (Harry) who soon materialises into an imaginary friend. With Harry by her side, Charlie musters up the courage to confront her bullies. Twenty years later, now a confident, competent woman Charlie chats contentedly with a friend in a coffee shop, Harry sits next to her smiling proudly and gazing at her with love.

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