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Written by Georgia Fitch

Directed by Amrita Acharia

Production Company: Eldub Films

Eldub Films' first project was The Carer starring Priyanga Burford, Ninette Finch and Vikash Bhai, and directed by Amrita Acharia, known for her work in HBO's Game of Thrones and soon to be appearing in Starz's "The Serpent Queen."


Having put her own life and dreams on hold, a devoted daughter is attempting to care for her sick, vulnerable mother while COVID-19 ravages through the world. Filled with moments of dark comedy and heart-breaking sadness, The Carer centres around Lisa, a woman in her forties who has never really left home. She’s at her tipping point, emotionally crippled by her inability to establish crucial boundaries in her own life. Lisa is stuck in an endless and repetitive routine of cleaning and caring for her sick mother, Mary. Although every day feels monotonous, today is more challenging than most. Lisa has missed the deadline on her final Master’s assignment, the ticket out of this mundane world and to a new life. 

The Story 

Georgia started writing The Carer, as a consequence of her own personal circumstances. As her own parents aged and some of her closest friends started to have to look after their parents, something was taken for granted and readily assumed; those who gave up full-time jobs, reorganised their lives, and even moved countries, were overwhelmingly female.
Caring can be extremely rewarding and life enhancing. Knowing you are helping someone you deeply love and making them feel a little safer and less alone, is priceless. However, being a sole carer, can be lonely and taxing. If you are a single person, or have a limited support system yourself, without a solid network around you, it can be an isolating and testing experience. Caring can go on for years, and who wants to listen to the daily updates of a story which can be monotonous and upsetting. Which led to the initial theme, of who actually cares for the carer?

The pandemic brought on many challenges, but care homes have undergone tremendous difficulties and there is a fundamental crisis in regard to looking after the ageing population, so we want this film to raise awareness of something that is so often overlooked
We ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in February 2021 to raise the production funds, reaching our target in just 14 days and received support from a variety of high profile stars including Dame Judi Dench and Joanna Lumley. The film was then shot over 3 days on location in Oxfordshire the following month. We had a diverse, predominantly female cast and crew from a variety of backgrounds.


If you're a carer, click the link below for some resources that may help

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