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(Currently in post production)

Written by Galina Chakarova

Directed by Galina Chakarova

Production Company Eldub Films


A young woman in her 20s (Kat) is having a strange dream about her period. She wakes up in a holiday cottage suffering from a familiar pain. She knows her period is coming and it bothers her. Kat goes hiking with her boyfriend Anwar, both of them longing for some intimacy. They are in a long distance relationship and every moment together counts. Things get heated up in the forest, but Kat’s insecurity and tormented visions prevent her from going further. Anwar is disappointed, he doesn’t mind the period. During their stay, Kat is self-conscious and disturbed by her heavy flow. She finally plucks up the courage to get out of her comfort zone and try something new - fulfil her desires despite her inhibitions. Things don’t go as planned and Kat feels rejected. Despite enduring excruciating physical pain, Kat needs to make peace with herself and her body first in order to enjoy a genuine connection with others.

Let it Flow: List
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